Headmistress Sunshine

As Headmistress of S.O.C.K., Sunshine is honored to assist in your BDSM education. Careful though, she can usually be found with a crop or a ruler in her hand to discipline unruly students.

Nurse Trouble

See Nurse Trouble for whatever ails you. Whether you have questions about your changing body, need a thorough exam to get out of running the mile, or need to be hung upside down by your ankles because you didn't finish your algebra homework, Nurse Trouble will gleefully guide you through the diverse and ever-changing spectrum of sexuality and kink. As and educator and community outreach enthusiast Nurse T specializes in keeping you safe and healthy, but don't let her smile fool you - she's called Trouble for a reason

Dean Taser

Dean Taser is in charge of keeping S.O.C.K. Ship shape! This means administering punishment to all who do not comply with the rules. With well over 15 years of experience in martial arts and over 10 years of community experience within the BDSM Scene, the Dean has the credentials to make sure everyone is on their best behaviour!

Little Jack

A fun, playful, enthusiastic, slutty, eager, pansexual, slightly masochistic (maybe a tad more than slightly...), old guard switch. His passions include connecting through play, explicit consent, and negotiation as foreplay. His list of fetishes is extensive and varied, and can sometimes even make Little Jack himself blush. He's been doing BDSM since he was a teenager (before the term BDSM), and still has the passion and excitement of a newbie. He has served on the board of directors of Folsom Street Fair and several other BDSM organizations, contributed to over a half dozen books on the topic, and taught BDSM at venues ranging from private clubs to Universities to Burning Man

Calamity - Recess Coordinator

Having received multiple degrees in recess science, Calamity is here to assist with student supervision duties. Her diligence and care in carrying out these duties ensures a safe, secure and fun environment for all students. Bullies will not be tolerated.

Councelor Growler

As S.O.C.K. Councelor, Growler is excited to help guide you in your BDSM education. Remember though, as the name implies he better serves his purpose when full of alcohol.

Poster Boy

Professor Poster-Boy loves rope and all things related. He also is discovering his sadistic side enjoys motivating students to perform their very best


Jon has been involved in the BDSM scene for five years and has been lucky enough to have had some excellent teachers. He began with rope but has since explored rough body play, knife play and hypnosis/orgasm triggers amongst many other things. Jon will be one of the tasting tops offering rough body play and knife play tastings.